PicShrink 2.5 - Image Compression Software

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Make Images smaller with PicShrink for use within web, email and presentations and much more

  • Reduce the file size of your pictures
  • Resize and convert different image formats
  • Edit and optimize hundreds of digital photos in one go
  • Minimize your complete picture archive with a few clicks
  • Absolutely easy to use and extremely effective

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PicShrink - Easy, Fast and Effective

Key Features:

Compress Images

Resize Picture Size

Convert Image formats

Protect Images

Edit Digital Photos

Crop Images

Image Quality control

Batch Image Compression

Batch Image Conversion

Batch Image Resizing

Add Border to Pictures

Crop Images

Compare Old and New

Delete EXIF Data

Add Watermark to Image

Product information

Supported Formats:

Price: $29.95 (24.95€)
Trial Version: 30 days
Version: 2.5
Download size: 8.8Mb

System requirements:
Windows2000, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows7
32 bit Operating System
64 bit Operating System
.NET framework 2.0

english English  german German
russian Russian japanese Japanese

Basic Features of PicShrink

Multiple file optimization

edit, compress and convert image bulk in one go: Let your computer do the work for you. Just open loads of images or a complete picture folder, enter your required settings and let the rest be done by your new fellow: PicShrink. No more technical issues to solve.

Set your own Image size and resolution

Pictures are shown in pixels, instead of centimeter. Pictures for printing are generally shown in centimeter or inch. The resolution plays a prominent role, too. Printing data needs a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch), pictures for monitors only need a resolution of 72 dpi. PicShrink shows the size of the picture and resolution so you can adjust the optimal balance between print data and internet data.

Quality Control

PicShrink finds the best balance of quality and size for web images. With PicShrink it is extremely easy to reduce your file size without any noticeable loss of quality.

WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get!

In preview mode PicShrink compares original and new picture. Settings in quality and size of a picture are shown in “real time”. You will know how your optimized picture will look like before saving it.

Picture adjustments

Set brightness and contrast and intensity, to get the best out of a digital photo. You never knew how much you can actually brighten up your images...

Rotate and mirror images

This feature allows you to rotate your images or flip them horizontal or vertical. With the Auto Exif function PicShrink detects those images that have been captured with a camera that was held upright and rotates them automatically the way they are supposed to be.

Add a border to images

For a professional presentation you have the possibility to add a border in any size or color to your images.

Add a watermark to images

Protect your images with a watermark. Choose from text or image to add and place it anywhere you want on the picture.

Crop images

With this function you can cut the sides of your images to show only details and reduce background. Cropping size can be set by pixel or percentage. Settings can be used for batch cropping to process many images at once.

Paste Images from clipboard

Once you have copied images from your explorer menu, browser window or other PC application to your clipboard you can paste them into the PicShrink container to proceed with editing them.

Download PicShrink 2.5

PicShrink Image Compressor

PicShrink 2.5 image compressor for photo compression, image format conversion and picture editing to shrink image filesize, resize images and convert image formats.

30 Days FREE Trial Period!

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License User Price(€) Price(US$)
Single User License 1 24.95 € 29.95 $
Multi User License 2 - 9 22.95 € 27.95 $
Multi User License 10 - 24 20.95 € 25.95 $
Multi User License 25 - 49 18.95 € 23.95 $
Multi User License 50 - 99 16.95 € 21.95 $
Multi User License 100 - 199 14.95 € 18.95 $

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*All online purchases are issued by our payment provider, Avangate. Prices displayed above do NOT include Sales Tax or Value Added Tax ("VAT"). Sales Tax applies to purchases made by residents of some US states, territories, districts and possessions (including, but not limited to, the residents of the State of New York). Value Added Tax ("VAT") is applicable to purchases made by residents of European Union countries, and (if applicable) is charged at the appropriate national rate for that country. The amount of Sales Tax or VAT (if any), and the total price of the product, is shown on the secure order form, after you select your country/state of residence, but before you give final confirmation that you do want to proceed with the purchase.

How do I receive my registration details?
Once you have paid via Avangate you will receive three e-Mails. The first contains the Online order confirmation and the second mail is the Payment Receipt the third email comes with your registration information.

What happens if I lose my registration number?
Just write an Email to sales(at)

How do I enter my registration number?
Just start PicShrink and put in the name and serial you have obtained from us.
Best way is to "copy and paste" it when asked.

Name: John - Doe
Key: 123456-123456-123456-123456-123456-123456

Purchasing PicShrink

What is the easiest way to purchase PicShrink?
The easiest way is to purchase PicShrink is an online purchase with our secure and trusted partner Avangate.

Can I order PicShrink by fax?
Yes you can choose to order by FAX as a payment option from Avangate online.

Will PicShrink be shipped on a CD?
No, PicShrink is delivered as a download only.

What is the best way to get a quote for a Site or Enterprise license?
Please send an email to sales(at) and we will contact you with an individual quote matching your requirements.

Get Support here

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a problem with PicShrink? Our FAQ section below will help you find your answer.
How long can I use PicShrink until I have to pay?
You can evaluate PicShrink up to 30 days with all functionality for free.
Please be aware that during the TRIAL period all images will contain a watermark.

Is the paid version also adding a watermark to my images?
No once you have registered PicShrink no watermark is added to your images.

How do I purchase PicShrink?
You can order PicShrink online from our payment provider Avangate.
All online purchases are prosessed via Avangate to provide a secure online payment environment.

What payment options does Avangate offer during the purchase?
During your purchase you have the possibility to choose from the following payment options:
Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard/American Express/Bank/Wire transfer/PayPal/Discover/Novus/
Diners Club/JCB/FAX/

Every PC in my organization company needs PicShrink, do you have multi license discount?
Yes please see our order section for multi license pricing.

How Do I install PicShrink?
Download the PicShrink setup from the download page on to your PC. Now enter the setup by clicking on the setup icon. PicShrink installation mode will be started and and you need to confirm the license agreement and choose your install location and finish the setup. PicShrink will be installed. No need to reboot your PC. PicShrink is ready to use.

To install PicShrink you must have .NET 2.0 Framework or newer installed!

How do I uninstall PicShrink?
You can simply use the "add and remove” program in your control panel.

Which image formats are supported by PicShrink Image Compressor?
PicShrink currently supports JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF image file formats.

What kind of function is Shell Context Menu Integration?
Enable this function to start PicShrink by using right-click on an image file...

What is the System Requirement?
OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7

Will PicShrink run on 64 Bit systems?
Yes Our current version supports X64 Bit systems. Make sure you download our X64 version.

Will PicShrink work with CMYK files?
No, PicShrink does not support CMYK, yet. When opening CMYK images the preview might appear completely in black.

What should I do if I get an error message?
Contact our support using the contact form and we will do our best in assisting you.

Is PicShrink Multilanguage supported?
Yes. Picshrink currently supports English, German, Russian and Japanese

Once PicShrink optimized a file can I revert to the original?
No you will have to use the original file. (This is not possible if you choose to overwrite the original)

Will PicShrink delete or destroy my original file?
No. PicShrink creates a copy in a new folder that you specify. Unless you specifically choose to overwrite the original file.

Can I use Picshrink from my file Explorer?
Yes, PicShrink allows shell context menu integration. Just open PicShrink, click on settings and check "Shell Context Menu integration". After that you can close PicShrink, this option is now available once you right click on an image format that is supported by PicShrink.

Will PicShrink run on Windows 7?
Yes, PicShrink has been tested on Windows 7 and is fully operational.

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