Optimizing images for web

Optimizing images for web is very easy with PicShrink.

Most people don't optimize their images properly, which results in extremely slow loading
time. If you intend to publish your images online, may it be your website or image sharing site.
Its important to keep the file size in a reasonable size.

Necessary steps to do it:


1. Load the required images in the «images container» choosing one of the variants of loading «Open Images» or «Open Folder».

Or you can use «Drag and Drop» and to add the required set of image files to the program window.

2. Make sure that resolution is set to 72 dpi, which it should be by default anyway. Size of images  for webdesign are shown in "pixel" so do not use

3. Choose the necessary «model» image from the «image container». Choose tab «2 Windows Up» for visual control of adjustment result of output parameters of images.

4. Set the level of quality for the output images: «Best quality», «Medium» or «Best compression». Use roller or enter the percentage for better adjustment of quality. Use 80% for a good balance of quality and reducing file size

5. Control the size of file and the quality of output image to determine whether the image looks good enough.

6. Press the «Start» button after finding the ideal balance between quality and compression. Make the necessary adjustment in the appeared dialog box and press the «OK» button.